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Join our free webinar with The Law Society of Ireland on the Benefits of Being an Independent Consultant.

The ICS Porgramme with Gibson & Associates LLP will provide the benefits of everything that a large firm brings, including; access to additional resources, IT and case management systems, administrative support, marketing backup, compliance and insurance. Consultants work on their own terms, set their own hours and are rewarded fairly in line with the work they undertake.

Neil Butler shares his unique experience as an Independent Legal Consultant with Gibson & Associates LLP and the benefits that he’s experienced since joining the programme.

Daireann Gibson, Manager Partner of Gibson & Associates LLP, will also be sharing his insight into how consultancy within the legal sector is helping define a new way of working.

Daireann Gibson share their unique insight into the ICS programme with Gibson & Associates LLP. Sign up now >

The Live Webinar with Daireann Gibson and Neil Butler will take place on 19th April at 1:00pm