5 Reasons Why St Patricks Day in County Donegal is so Magical

Each year on the 17th March, the Irish and non-Irish alike celebrate our national Saint, St Patrick. And what better place to celebrate than in our glorious County Donegal?

Parades, live music, dance, drink; the Irish sprit is truly captured in a way nowhere else can. Forget endless pints of green Guinness (but certainly allow for a few ordinary ones) and get ready for energetic parades, jaw dropping views, true Irish community spirit and that genuine Irish spark you only get in the real Ireland.

Here are our top 5 reasons why St Patricks Day in County Donegal is truly magical .

1.  The Letterkenny St Patricks Parade

Letterkenny’s St Patrick Parade is well known for its infectious community spirit. Each year, Main Street in Letterkenny transforms into a greeny blur of colourful floats with excitable atmosphere and buckets of St Patricks day merriment. The event showcases what this vibrant, and truly Irish city has to offer; local bands, sports, local businesses… what better way to spend celebrating our national saint?

2.     The breath-taking Irish views  

Donegal is home to some of the most awe-inspiring views in Ireland – you’ll see sights you wouldn’t believe possible on this side of the world. If you’re lucky enough to inhabit this corner of the world, you won’t be a stranger to vast beaches and specular sunsets Donegal has to offer. This part of Ireland is famous for its rolling countryside and beautiful landscapes, so spending your St Patrick’s day breathing in the brisk Irish air could leave you feeling more energised than you were on the 16th March – which is not normally the way round on St Patricks day!

Donegal Beach







3. The Local history

County Donegal and the surrounding areas are steeped in local history. Much of County Donegal’s history has helped to form the backbone of Ireland, so what better place to be on the day that celebrates our beautiful country? There’s a significant amount of history surrounding Saint Patrick himself, as well as even more ancient relics. Absorb the Irish spirit of the ancient historical landmarks such as Bocan Stone Circle, Kilclooney More Portal Tomb, and Donegal Castle.

Donegal Castle









4. To see St Patricks High Cross

St Patricks High Cross is thought to date back from the 7th century and can be found in an early Christian church in Donagh, which was allegedly blessed by our own Saint Patrick himself. The cross is thought to be one of first crosses from this era and also one of the most important early Christian remains in all of Britain and Ireland. You can’t get more St Patrick-y than that, can you?

Donegal St Patricks Cross









5. The Great Irish Pubs

What is St Patrick’s Day without a pub? Well, not much to write home about, that’s what. And the best bit about County Donegal’s pubs is the lack of hustle and bustle you’d get in the big cities. What you will find however, is captivating community spirit, bags full of fun and an atmosphere you can’t replicate anywhere else in the world. Get involved with a sing-a-long, eat-a-long and drink-a-long and everything in between; the perfect combination for the perfect St Patricks celebration.

Men with guitars in Donegal pub










So there you have it: 5 wonderful reasons why County Donegal truly is the most magical place to spend St Patricks Day in Ireland. For those already living here, Gibson and Associates offer Solicitors in Donegal for any of your legal needs.