6 reasons Ireland is One of the Safest Countries in the World

Recently Graduated? 6 Reasons Why Ireland Is One Of The Safest Countries To Build A Career.

Living an expat’s life not only sounds exotic but also comes with tons of shots at a better life. Several American graduates choose to relocate and settle abroad due to many reasons. Maybe they are tired of the political uncertainty or simply want a fresh start somewhere new.

Whatever the reasons, Ireland is rapidly becoming a popular choice among young Americans who wish to immigrate to another country. The country has a rich culture, breathtaking scenery, and solid options for establishing a stable career. It is nicknamed “Emerald Island” for all the right reasons!

Live in Ireland

1. World’s 3rd Most Peaceful Country

Looking for a place to live comfortably? Ireland ranks 3rd among all 163 nations participating in the Global Peace Index, 2022, by the Institute for Economics And Peace (IEP). The factors contributing to Ireland’s remarkable security are its sparse internal conflicts, high political stability, peaceful relations with neighboring countries, nominal crime rate, and almost non-existent terrorism.

Imagine the level of security in a country with no local police forces! But don’t panic yet. A national institution called The Guardians of the Peace (An Garda Síochána) overlooks matters of safety. So you are not entirely unguarded.

Can you even think about roaming around in the cities late at night without fear of mugging or other hideous crimes? Plus, there is no constant uncertainty about the ever-changing political viewpoints. You can peacefully pay attention to your career without worrying about external factors.

2. High Standard of Living

It sucks not to get facilities even when you’re paying good money! Ireland could be the answer to your predicaments. In fact, according to United Nations Human Development Report Index, Ireland ranks second among all countries worldwide. Impressive, right?

Next, the GDP per capita in Ireland is $94,392 in 2022, the third highest among all of the world’s countries. A high GDP per capita indicates excellent life quality and is associated with a country’s overall better health, education, and general life satisfaction.

You can expect a comfortable life while living in Ireland. The healthcare system is unmatched, people are friendly, and the judiciary institutes are incredibly efficient. Retirees prefer Ireland due to its no-fuss lifestyle, and youngsters find it a perfectly stable base to launch their careers.

3. Strong And Stable Economy

According to the 2022 Index of Economic Freedom, Ireland ranks 3rd globally and 2nd among all European countries. Its overall score is 82.0, which is higher than the average world score. What are the factors contributing to its extraordinary performance? First is its judicial effectiveness. Next, Ireland’s rule of law and fiscal health have been praise-worthy during the last half-decade. Experts dub Ireland a role model for other countries due to its high economic freedom.

IMF also presented a forecast with a list of countries most expected to grow their wealth. Ireland proudly stands 6th on the list with a constant rise in direct investments within the country.

4. World-Class Education

Ireland is one of the best options you can go for if you are considering higher education. Not only do Ireland’s universities rank in the top 5% of universities in the world, but also their higher education system is among the top 20 globally.

Employment statistics by The Guardian state that 91% of students graduating from Irish universities are employed at different companies. The figures are one of the most significant indicators of the quality of Irish education.

The universities possess all modern facilities, including laboratories, digital libraries, access to almost all scientific papers, 3D printers, photo rooms, and top-notch infrastructure. The teachers are warm and welcoming, and the staff is friendly. Nothing more a student would want!

5. Opportunities For Businesses

With its incredible economic stability and pre-eminent security, Ireland has become a thriving ground for businesses, specifically startups. Forbes surveyed in 2018 to find out the best country for a business. Ireland stood at number 8th due to its high financial freedom, taxation laws, low corruption, technology, innovation, and secure investors.

Due to the incredibly robust economy, so many of the world’s leading businesses have relocated their company’s European headquarters to Ireland. A few of these market giants include Facebook, PayPal, Google, Apple, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pfizer, and Johnson & Johnson.

With so many huge companies shifting to Ireland, it is only fitting if you do so too!

6. Tolerance Towards Immigrants

Another essential factor contributing to Ireland’s popularity among young graduates from all over the world is the welcoming and warm attitude of Irish people towards immigrants. According to the Irish Times, Ireland is the leading European country with the most tolerant attitude toward foreigners.

The more educated citizens are even more hospitable to people from culturally diverse backgrounds. There are no significant cases of racism or discrimination, and people from around the world usually live in harmony.


Ireland is a dream country for anyone looking for a high standard of living. Statistics prove why it is an attractive destination for ex-pats willing to move for career growth.

Also, the Immigrant Investor Programme (IIP) in Ireland is a lucrative method for high-net individuals to get the Irish Golden Passport. It brings countless opportunities for an investor but also opens doors to a comfortable future life with your family and a pompous career.

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