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I had a fall at work can I claim*?

It’s reported that every working day seven people are injured in a slip, trip or fall at work, or on the way to work. This is the highest cause of injury in the workplace. The HSA estimates that around 29% of non-fatal injuries are a result of a slip, trip or fall at work. Sometimes, […]

What is Medical Malpractice? And some examples that happened in Ireland.

Have you suffered an injury while receiving treatment under the care of a medical professional: doctor, dentist, nurse etc? You may have suffered a medical malpractice incident. But, this does not mean that all injuries caused by medical practitioners are a result of malpractice, it refers to injuries that are caused when a trained professional […]

What to do if your personal information has been compromised.

Do you think your personal information has been compromised? You’re probably worried? Yes. For good reason. If your personal data falls into the wrong hands it can be used for criminal activity and fraud. Identify theft created from compromised personal data is a huge problem across the world. In 2017, nearly 60 million Americans were […]

Do Bicycle Helmets Prevent Head Injury*?

When you’re riding your bicycle, your most important piece of safety gear is a helmet that fits. Helmets are designed to cushion and protect riders’ heads from the impact of a crash. Like safety belts in cars, helmets cannot provide total protection against head injury or death, but they can reduce the risk of both. […]

Be careful in these 5 situations: if you want to avoid an injury this Christmas!

Christmas is a lovely time of fun and celebration….but, it also can be a time of increased hazards and accidents. The last thing you need is to end up in A&E over the holidays with an injury, due to an accident or someone’s negligence. Below are five of the most common situations when you might […]

What are the advantages of hiring a conveyancing solicitor?

The first time you will probably ever need to consider hiring a conveyancing solicitor is buying your first home. Then, there maybe other occasions such as selling your home, switching a mortgage, or changing ownership. Conveyance involves the processing of documents involved, and the legal transfer of home and/or land ownership deeds. You could attempt […]

Lariam: compensation for soldiers affected by anti malaria drug.

The Government of Ireland could face a legal compensation tsunami, after prescribing the highly controversial drug Mefloquine, branded as Lariam, to Irish soldiers on peacekeeping missions in Africa from 2001. What is Lariam: Mefloquine (Lariam) is an antimalarial drug discovered by the US army after the Vietnam war, new antimalarial drugs were needed as resistance […]

What to do after a minor car accident: injury, compensation, insurance, and claims.

Being involved in a car crash (or any road traffic accident!) can be a terrifying experience….no matter if it’s minor or more serious. It’s always good to have some preparation in case you happen to be unfortunate enough to be in a car accident, this guide covers most questions you may have. So, what should […]