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How To Earn Up To 80% Of Your Legal Fees

New consultancy scheme allows solicitors to earn up to 80% of their fees – doubling their income. Dublin-based Gibson & Associates Solicitors has become the first law firm to offer consultant opportunities to solicitors with a broad range of experience across a wide range of practice areas. Previously, in Ireland, these types of consultant solicitor […]

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Gibson & Associates Feature in the Irish Mirror

Irish mothers being left out of decisions during labour and giving birth More than 44% of mums said they were not involved in important decisions relating to the birth of their most recent child. Mothers are being left out of key decisions in the labour or birth of their children, and are not told of […]


Birth Experiences Survey Results

Giving birth is a life-changing experience, which can affect the mother and child physically and emotionally. It is important that expectant mothers receive excellent care from their medical team to avoid mistakes that can have a devastating impact on mothers and their newborn children.  Our birth injury solicitors conducted a survey of mothers about their […]