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5 Reasons Why St Patricks Day in County Donegal is so Magical

Each year on the 17th March, the Irish and non-Irish alike celebrate our national Saint, St Patrick. And what better place to celebrate than in our glorious County Donegal? Parades, live music, dance, drink; the Irish sprit is truly captured in a way nowhere else can. Forget endless pints of green Guinness (but certainly allow […]

5 Reasons To Avoid A Payday Loan

Payday loans are incredibly easy to obtain, which in theory should ring alarm bells. However, due to unemployment levels and a poor economy, thousands of people turn to payday loans to try and clear their debts immediately. Ironically, payday loans often cause people’s debt problems to escalate instead of acting as a quick solution. People […]

Dealing with Debt: 10 Facts about Credit Cards

Dealing with debt: 10 Facts about Credit Cards Personal debt is at a new high. Borrowing vs. spending has gone through the roof, and outstanding personal debt in the UK now stands at £1.4 trillion. This is up from last year, with 274 people being declared bankrupt or insolvent every day. This equates to one […]