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What is Probate and How Does it Work in Ireland?

What is Probate and How Does it Work in Ireland? Probate is a legal process which gives a person (or a number of people) the authority to deal with a deceased person’s estate. In Ireland, Probate works by making an application to the Probate Office or the District Probate Registry. In the case of a […]


How to Sell a House in Probate?

You must get a Grant of Representation before you can close the sale of a probate property. In the meantime, you can put the property on the market and even accept an offer. Dealing with a deceased person’s property When someone dies, their property must be either sold or transferred into another person’s name. The […]

How to Make a Will

A Will is a legal document that sets out how your belongings should be distributed after your death. It can also detail other wishes, such as who you want your executors to be. There are strict rules about what can and cannot be included in a Will. There are also certain legal requirements for making […]

How to Resolve a Boundary Dispute with My Neighbour?

Boundary disputes can become extremely hostile and may persist for years, sometimes being passed down through generations. This can create misery for those involved, and can even reduce the value of the property. It is, therefore, better to resolve a boundary dispute sooner, rather than later. This is best achieved via negotiations and mediation. If […]


Irish Law Firm Appointed By Nicole Shanahan To Assist With An Investment Visa Programme In Ireland

California-based businesswoman Nicole Shanahan has handed a €500,000 cash boost to a Donegal GAA club. Ms Shanahan, CEO and founder of ClearAccessIP, chose the immigration law team at Gibson & Associates to provide vital assistance in applying for an investor visa, allowing her to establish a connection and residency in Ireland. An investor visa is […]

List of the most Common Birth Injuries – Medical Negligence

If medical mistakes are made during childbirth, it can result in injuries – both to the mother and the baby. If these injuries could have been prevented with better medical care, there will be grounds for a medical negligence claim. Below we explore some common birth injuries. However, this is by no means an exhaustive […]

Accident & Emergency (A&E) Negligence Claims

Accident and emergency (A&E) departments are busy places. Yet despite the demands placed on medical staff, you are entitled to receive an acceptable standard of care. If medical practitioners fail to achieve this, it could lead to a medical negligence claim. Mistakes in A&E A&E departments across Ireland provide a vital service and, for the […]


What is the Difference Between a Will and Probate? Gibson & Associates LLP

A Will is a legal document that records what should happen to your property after your death, along with any other wishes. Probate is a legal process that gives a person, or a group of people, the authority to deal with a deceased person’s assets. Therefore, both a Will and probate relate to the matter […]

How to Make a Subject Access Request

You have the right to request a copy of personal information that you believe an organisation is holding about you. This is known as a subject access request (SAR). When you’re making a request, it is important to make sure the scope of your SAR is well considered so that you receive the data that […]

Employment Law & Covid – 19

Temporary Wage Subsidy Scheme (TWSS) TWSS – From March 26th 2020 Employee paid via Payroll System as ‘GovCov19 Wage Sub’. Employer’s duty to Register for Scheme. The sequence of events as a result of Emergency Legislation – PHASE 1; March 15th – March 25th – Employer COVID-19 Refund Scheme with Employer refund of €203 pw […]