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Which Part of Dublin is Perfect For You?

Dublin has long inspired its inhabitants and guests. It’s a city that many feel drawn to, often tempting expats to settle here, natives to stay put, as well as capturing the odd passing student or traveller. But what makes this city such an enchanting one? Why do people become so spellbound with Ireland’s capital? Well, […]

Irish Motorway Safety Guide For Families

Long nights, bright mornings, freshly cut grass and glistening green leaves. Summer is just around the corner, and before we know it, the children will be on their long school break, the BBQs will be a ‘frying and this years exciting summer plans will begin to form. However, the summertime is when our roads are […]

Should I Buy Property For My Children As An Investment?

A recent report by www.daft.ie suggests that the housing market in Ireland is starting to show an upward trend. This is not just in Dublin either, but right across the country with price increases of 2.3% between January and March this year, outside of Dublin. One reason for price increases all over the country is […]

8 Incredible Things Everyone Should Thank Dublin For

Dublin’s got a lot to answer for! The capital of our beautiful country has been at the forefront of technological, medical and cultural developments for centuries and isn’t showing signs of slowing down. Coupled with it’s beautiful geographical setting, there’s a lot we can be thanking Dublin for. Things Everyone Should Thank Dublin For 1. […]

Everything You Need To Know About Commercial Disputes

If you are involved in a commercial dispute you may not be able to see a way to bring the dispute to resolution and that the longer it continues, the more time and money it is costing you. The aim for anyone in these circumstances is to resolve the dispute as early as possible, but […]

5 Reasons Why St Patricks Day in County Donegal is so Magical

Each year on the 17th March, the Irish and non-Irish alike celebrate our national Saint, St Patrick. And what better place to celebrate than in our glorious County Donegal? Parades, live music, dance, drink; the Irish sprit is truly captured in a way nowhere else can. Forget endless pints of green Guinness (but certainly allow […]

5 Reasons To Avoid A Payday Loan

Payday loans are incredibly easy to obtain, which in theory should ring alarm bells. However, due to unemployment levels and a poor economy, thousands of people turn to payday loans to try and clear their debts immediately. Ironically, payday loans often cause people’s debt problems to escalate instead of acting as a quick solution. People […]

Dealing with Debt: 10 Facts about Credit Cards

Dealing with debt: 10 Facts about Credit Cards Personal debt is at a new high. Borrowing vs. spending has gone through the roof, and outstanding personal debt in the UK now stands at £1.4 trillion. This is up from last year, with 274 people being declared bankrupt or insolvent every day. This equates to one […]