Gibson & Associates- Crypto wallet data breach effects thousands of users

Crypto wallet data breach Affects thousands of users

Users of the popular cryptocurrency wallet ‘Ledger’ have seen their names, email addresses and even their home addresses being leaked all over the internet.

It appears that an unknown threat actor has managed to acquire email addresses of 1,075,382 individuals that subscribe to the Ledger newsletter, in addition to the names and addresses of 272,853 people that have purchased a Ledger device. Both sets of information were subsequently posted online, being shared freely on Raidforums.

This breach happened in the month of June of this year, and at that time Ledger posted that it worked quickly to patch the relevant security flaw and had notified all affected customers.

Recently in the last month, Ledger customers have begun notifying the company that they have been receiving a number of phishing emails and digital harassment.

As these are physical wallets, and generally owned by high-net-worth individuals, the appearance of names and addresses online represents a huge privacy invasion

Many who are affected are reporting cases of people emailing them with their name and address, stating a sum of money which must be paid or they will arrive to their house.

Data breach, is a serious offence and we urge you too speak up if you have been affected.

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