Gibson & Associates LLP Welcomes Julie Shanley as Independent Consultant Solicitor

Gibson & Associates LLP is excited to introduce Julie Shanley as the newest member of our Independent Consultant Solicitors team. With a wealth of experience spanning three decades, Julie brings an in-depth perspective to our firm.

Julie is not just a litigator; she’s a problem solver. She is renowned as a litigation specialist, focusing on medical negligence and personal injury. Her dedication to excellence and her extensive background make her an invaluable asset to the team of Consultation Solicitors at Gibson & Associates LLP.

Julie’s journey began in the midst of the bustling midland practice, John J Quinn & Company, where she cultivated a resilience that defines her approach to this day. Since then, her career has been a testament to her commitment to delivering real, tangible results for her clients.

In the realm of medical negligence and personal injury, Julie has not only navigated the complexities of the law but has consistently secured outcomes that matter. Her dedication to excellence is not a mere platitude – it’s evident in the positive impacts she has had on the lives of those she has represented.

Moving into private practice, Julie’s time at Terence Lyons & Company and Haughton Solicitors showcased her diverse expertise in litigation, probate, and family law. Her brief but impactful experience at Messrs. Larkin Tynan in Mullingar opened her eyes to the broader spectrum of general practice, where she continued to excel.

Julie’s client-centric approach is more than a slogan, it perfectly aligns with the ethos of Gibson & Associates LLP.

We look forward to the positive impact Julie will undoubtedly bring to our clients and the firm as a whole. We are pleased to welcome Julie Shanley to the Consultant Solicitors team.

For more information on this article or to learn more about the Independent Consultant Solicitor program, please contact.

Neil Butler
Consultant Solicitor
Gibson & Associates LLP
[email protected]

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