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The regulations surrounding personal insolvency and bankruptcy in Ireland have undergone a series of changes over the last couple of years. The fact is, many of the changes can offer benefits, but understanding changes can be quite overwhelming – especially if you’re unsure of where to start!

Luckily enough, there is plenty of advice and information out there. Ireland has an abundance of great online resources, which advise on everything from Insolvency in Ireland to general financial pointers.

So we’ve pulled together what we think are the top 8 online resources to refer to for money and finance information and advice in Ireland. Each website/blog has a different style and different value – so take a look and get reading!

Top 8 Irish Insolvency and Money Advice website

1. Money Advice and Budgeting Service

MABS logo - Top 5 Insolvency and money websitesFunded by the Citizens information Board, the Money Advice & Budgeting Service Ireland is probably the most comprehensive personal finance resource available in Ireland.

Whether it’s advice for people who simply want to manage their finances better or for those who are struggling with more serious debts – MABS has managed to cover pretty much everything.

They provide the information in a variety of formats, from downloadable content to online budgeting tools. The content varies from advice for those in serious debt, and to simple who just want to gauge where they are with their finances.

It includes non-biased, non-judgemental and Independent advice ranging from Irish Insolvency to jargon busters. The approachable feel of MABS definitely helps to make debt and finance a less intimidating subject.

2. Consumer Help 

Consumer Help Logo - Top 5 Money and Insolvency WebsitesConsumer Help is a great all-rounder resource for overall financial advice. However, it differs from other websites in that it focuses solely on the consumers’ point of view. This means the advice you’re getting has been written with you in mind, so the website feels very accessible and un-intimidating.

For example, they go into great detail about consumers’ rights when it comes it making purchases, which for larger purchases like cars or even property can prove invaluable. They also offer complaints templates to send to businesses and finance lenders.

Like many of the other sites, it also offers budgeting tools, such as budgeting and spending calculators as well as mortgage and loan calculators. Its consumer focused approach to money and finance means that it’s a useful resource for anyone, whether they’re looking for personal insolvency advice or just want to know their consumer rights.

Find them on Twitter: @NCA

3. Bonkers: Smarter Money

Bonkers Smarter Money Logo | Top 5 Insolvency and Money WebsitiesBonkers isn’t bonkers at all. In fact, it offers a great comparison service for Irish suppliers, allowing you to research which of the TV, Broadband, Gas and Electric companies is the best value for money. Choosing good value and affordable suppliers can really make a difference to your outgoings whether you’re struggling with debt or not, and because Bonkers are a non-biased, independent entity, it’s safe to assume the information you’re getting is reliable.

As well as comparing suppliers for your utilities, Bonkers also compares Irish savings accounts, credit cards and other financial products that could make a difference when you’re looking to save money!

Find them on Twitter: @bonkers_ie

4. logo | Top 5 Money and Insolvency WebsitesAsk about money describes itself as an ‘online community that offers independent financial advice about Irish financial issues to all comers’. It offers a personal angle on money and finance issues in Ireland and takes shape as a forum. Things like Irish Insolvency, bankruptcy and mortgage advice can be explored here, and, as well as having a lot of great information contributed by it’s users, the forum allows you ask questions and get quick responses.

Ask about money gives you more freedom to seek the information that you’re looking for which can be useful if you haven’t found the exact information elsewhere. It’s a place to seek answers to questions and it well-organised, updated daily and links off to other really useful places.

Find them on Twitter: @askaboutmoneyie

5. Irish Times Consumer News

Irish Times Logo - Top 5 Money and Insolvency WebsitesWith regular updates and news stories about changes to Insolvency in Ireland and many other Irish money issues, it’s good to keep up to date on the regular happenings in Irish Finance.

The Irish Times Consumer page offers a mix of finance-focussed news whilst also having a range of relevant, knowledgeable columnists writing about various consumer-facing issues. Being a news site, you know you’re getting up-to-date, relevant information, but there are also sections on value for money and tips on how to keep to budgets. Being based on news stories, you get a real time feel to advice you’re getting.

Find them on Twitter: @irishtimes

6. Thrifty Pages

Thrifty Pages LogoThrifty Pages is a run by an Irish couple who wanted to ‘”help people thrive during the Irish recession”. It offers a uniquely human aspect to personal finance advice that is unrivalled by other websites in this sector.

The website offers advice on how to save money on things like weddings, health and beauty products and food and drink; things that can really help you retain a normal life when facing financial difficulties. It also offers information on things like bankruptcy, redundancy and debt. Although the website isn’t updated as often as it used to be, the information provided is still valuable and extremely personable. Follow Thrifty Pages on Twitter for regular finance and money news digest – great news stories curated for your convenience.

Find them on Twitter: @thriftypages

7. Money Guide Ireland

Money Guide Ireland LogoMoney Guide Ireland is a great all rounder for finance and money information in Ireland. The website offers regular updates on a number of different financial products such as credit cards, mortgages, energy prices, loans and savings accounts, all of which are done on a regular basis.

Money Guide Ireland also try to highlight special offers or discounts available for customers where possible, as well as delivering relevant news about anything that affects consumers in Ireland. The website is entirely independent meaning all information is sourced with the consumer in mind, and the simplicity of the website format makes it easy to navigate and gain information. Overall, this site is an extremely useful resource!

Find them on Twitter: @irishmoneyguide

8. The Irish Independent – Irish Financial News & Personal Finance

Irish Independent logo

It’s the focus on both personal finance and business finance news that sets The Irish Independent Finance section aside from other money advice resources. It has specific sections with articles and resources specific to property and pensions, and, as it’s a news site, a chronological feed of up-to-date, finance-specific news. This makes keeping up-to-date current finance affairs extremely easy!

As a great resource for consumers and businesses alike, the website features a wide range of articles from consumer budgeting, inflation, as well as issues surrounding bankruptcy and Irish insolvency. It’s this variety of frequently updated, reliable and easy to navigate finance news that makes it so valuable.

Find them on Twitter: @independent_ie

For more finance and money experts in Ireland, you can follow those mentioned above, and other great finance tweeters via our Twitter list ‘Money and Finance Experts’ on Twitter:

Personal Insolvency Advice

The variety of advice surrounding money and finance is extremely comprehensive, and no matter what your personal or business situation there seems to be a universal drive in Ireland to help people who have suffered with debt in the last few years. Debt can be extremely stressful, but you’re not on your own. These are just 8 of what we think are really good websites for money and personal insolvency advice – there’s plenty more out there even still!

For any further advice on debt or personal insolvency in Ireland, Gibson and Associates can offer a range of services to help. Call us today and find out how we can help.