The Bluestack Special Needs Foundation was set up in 2002 by the Bluestack Challenge committee. It is a voluntary organisation run by parents of children with special needs and professionals who work in the disability sector. 


Their main aim is to “Enhance the lives of people with additional needs”.


The Bluestack Special Needs Foundation works with families who have dependants with physical, sensory, intellectual, and mental health disabilities regardless of whether the disability results in profound, moderate, or mild additional needs.


They provide low-cost counselling for families of people with additional needs, along with a room hire and a parents support group. One of the most important services they offer is the Listening Ear, by providing a place where people can go, have a cup of coffee, offload their concerns, and just be heard. A space where people are safe, are not judged, and are supported through the various life challenges that present when living with or caring for someone with a disability. Located in The Glebe, Donegal Town,​​​ (opposite the Abbey Vocational School) “has an open-door policy, a warm welcome where the kettle is always on.”


Bluestack Special Needs Foundation raises most of their funds through the local community along with participating & organising a range of fundraising activities. They are always looking for volunteers, so if you have a little time to spare you would be very welcome to join them to support the amazing work that they do.

In line with ‘Donegal Day’, we have donated to this charity as their day-to-day work amazes us! To all the volunteers you are truly inspiring, and a breath of fresh air to watch & listen too. We wish you all the very best, and we are sure to call in once things go back to normal.


To donate & learn more about the charity, you can do so here