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Ireland’s not had it easy over the last few years. The recession left behind an ocean of debt and economic hurt, with families and businesses alike left struggling to recover from the financial tsunami.

However, this economic washout has prompted an uplifting development, especially in business sector. The remarkable surge in start-ups in Ireland has exhaled a breath of fresh air over an otherwise gloomy economic landscape – and some of these start-ups are really exciting.

Journey to Ireland’s capital and you’ll find a thriving culture of innovative minds, young and old, all pioneering new products and services. Dublin’s connection with digital giants such as Microsoft and Google are at one end of the spectrum –and these start-up underdogs are at the other.

The Best of Dublin Start Ups

We’ve had a dig through some of the most exciting, budding and already blooming start-ups in Dublin and the surrounding areas, and picked our favourites. For such a small country, we’ve certainly not short on talent!


Green letter box dublin start up

Green Letter Box is trying to extend the digital revolution to the seemingly last place it has left to reach; our letterboxes. As they state on their website: “In a world where nearly every aspect of our lives has been made easier by technology, why still wrestle with paper?”

By registering with Green Letterbox, you receive your post from selected providers to your green letterbox. With one login, you’re able to access all kinds of post, such as utility bills, appointment letters and tax returns. You can also pay these bills and set reminders to pay, from a singular login – overriding the need for several logins for each provider.  So, no matter where you are in the world, Ireland or Argentina, you will always stay connected.  And, of course, it’s environmentally friendly!

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visitlit dublin start up

Anyone who’s organised a large-scale event will know how much planning goes into pulling it off. And so does this start-up, Visilit – so much so, they’ve created software to help organisers construct the perfect event.

Where this product differs from others, is the 3D virtual environment. As a collaborative online workplace, organisers and clients can see how their event will look in 3D, be able to plan logistics, delegate roles and costs, and judge overall efficiency.  For event planners, this all-in-one project management tool could re-write how planning a large-scale event is executed.

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3. stint ireland dublin start up

Ever wanted to try a slice of Irish life but find the idea of relocating too daunting? Stint Ireland can help. This Dublin start up aims to place young people in individually crafted internships or places of study throughout Ireland, assisting them with the most intimidating aspects of living abroad, such as housing, transport, visas and insurance.

Working with young people across the globe, the Stint Ireland program helps ensure that your stint in Ireland is positive, supportive and beneficial to your professional or academic career. Built on a love of Ireland, this start-up inhabits the Irish spirit!

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4. localmint

Simple, but in demand, Localmint is a database of opening times and store information that always come in handy.  Packaged in the form of an app as well as an online resource, Localmint is easy to use, reflected in its 1 million users worldwide.

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5. like where dublin start up

This is one of the most talked about travel apps worldwide – and it all started in Dublin! Like Where aims to craft your travels into something you’ll love by recommending activities to do in new cities based on the things you’ve enjoyed in ones you’ve already visited. If it sounds complicated, be assured that it’s really not!

Simply enter the city you’re visiting, and it will ask you to select a city you’ve already been to.  Select up to 6 places you enjoyed in the city you know well, and using that data, Like Where will generate a list of similar places in your prospective city. Amazing, huh?

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6. Aylien dublin start upWe can’t even begin to comprehend how they do what they do, but what they do is very cool. Aylien is creating a splash in the online data community, by promising to help companies make sense of the data they’ve collected

The start up states that although we accumulate a lot of information, (2.8 zettabytes in 2012 alone – yes, that is a word!) companies aren’t doing a whole lot with that data. So, Aylien have to come to the rescue, creating a range of tools that can help companies utilise their data better. APIs, apps and publishing tools allow companies to understand their data better than before.

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7. acteavo dublin start up

People journey from all corners of the globe for a taste of Irish adventure. The moist ocean air and lush rolling landscape are enough to spark a rush of excitement in anyone, and there are an abundance of activity companies set to provide a generous dose of adrenaline.

It’s for this reason our next start up has carved a nice niche for themselves. Acteavo provide a reservation and management tool for companies in the activities industry, making the booking process far more cost profitable, flexible and unified. An example of a B2B business done well.

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8. clevercards dublin start up

Clevercards, by Cleverbug have managed to carve a niche and worldwide presence for themselves in the competitive printing and cards market.

Utilising the growing use of mobile and social media, they’ve created a clever birthday card app, allowing you to create personalised cards based on the birthday boy/girls Facebook photos along with some nifty, easy-to-use design templates. You can then share the card on their wall, or/and send it in the post via the app. It also makes those dull ‘happy birthday’ posts a bit more interesting!

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9. currency fair dublin start up

Transferring money abroad can be expensive, whether it’s personal or for business. And that’s where this Dublin start up comes in.

Currency Fair’s ethos is to make currency fair. By creating their own marketplace, they can compete against the high costs charged by banks, and claim to reduce costs to an average of 0.35% along with a fixed fee of €3.Where banks would normally charge high transfer rates, Currency Fair is able to offer a low cost, reliable and secure service, worldwide.  

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10. food cloud dublin start up

Shaped by a joint love of Ireland, community and the environment, FoodCloud is an app that allows local businesses to declare their leftover food for the day. Once declared, a local charity receives a text notifying them of the available food. They can then collect the food and supply it to those who are in need, thus reducing waste and feeding the less fortunate.

Intuitive, human and relevant, and one of the most heart-warming start-ups we’ve seen.

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Business Services In Ireland

At Gibson & Associates, we love nothing more than to see our city thriving with entrepreneurial spirit, and Dublin’s future certainly seems bright! With new businesses popping up in each sector, it’s no wonder they call Dublin Europe’s Silicon Valley.

If we’ve missed any amazing start-ups that you think are remarkable, then please – let us know! We think it’s really important to celebrate the success and courage of Dublin’s new businesses.

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