Donegal Castle

Ah, at last! The summer time is here. The days are longer, the air is warmer and Donegal is looking more beautiful than ever.

And it seems that everyone lucky enough to gaze at the rolling Donegal landscapes agrees. Holiday makers and residents alike have taken to twitter to share their best summer snaps of our beloved county.

So, for your enjoyment, we’ve collated the 15 photos that represent the true beauty of Donegal in the summertime. Enjoy!

1. Beautiful Bundoran

2. Summer Evening on The Beach

3. Cruit Island Sunset

4. The Different Skies of the Donegal Summer

5. A Moody Irish Summer

6. Summer Foxgloves in Donegal

7. Long Summer Donegal Beach Days

8. Stunning Slieve League

9. Calm Summers Day in Donegal

10. Breathtaking Beaches

11. Rolling Donegal Valleys

12. Open Sea Swims

13. White Sands of Donegal

14. Rural Donegal

15. Lively Donegal Town Centre

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