Which Part of Dublin is Perfect For You?

Dublin has long inspired its inhabitants and guests. It’s a city that many feel drawn to, often tempting expats to settle here, natives to stay put, as well as capturing the odd passing student or traveller.

But what makes this city such an enchanting one? Why do people become so spellbound with Ireland’s capital?

Well, the city is a generous one, offering a range of experiences, satisfying every personal appetite there is.

The Characters of Dublin

So, in line with Dublin’s literary heritage, we’ve assigned a little part of our great city to some of the characters it attracts. Can you spot yourself in the below?

The Avid Adventurer

You’re an outgoing, outdoor-loving person with a thrill-seeking personality and strong sense of adventure.

Water Adventure in Dublin

Watersports in Dublin. Image by joseph_donnelly, Flickr

What can Dublin offer you?

As a city fringed by coastline, it’s not surprising that adventure lurks in the fresh, boisterous air. The endless stretches of beaches are located a mere 30 minute drive from the city and nurture a subculture of surfers, mountaineers, paddle boarders, kayakers and kite surfers – plus anything else you can do on water or just above it.

Dryer, calmer exploits are also in abundance, as the coastline is also home to some great walks, hikes and cycle routes.

For assisted adventure, there are many organisations that can arrange a tailored experience in Dublin. Below are just a few that are experts in the adventure field:

The Literature Lover

 Not only do you love reading, but you also love the history and stories behind the words.

Dublin Writers Museum

Dublin Writers Museum. Image by infomatique, Flickr

What can Dublin offer you?

Dublin is world renowned for its background in historical and acclaimed literature. The likes of James Joyce, Samuel Becket and Bernard Shaw (to name a few), have blessed this city with both their presence and words. The city is teeming with inspiration for aspiring authors, avid readers and historians.

Take a stroll down the streets where your literary heroes walked, experience the statues and other monuments created to honour them, and explore the museums dedicated to celebrate the lives and history of these incredible story-tellers.

For a guided experience, there are many organisations that can tailor a perfect literary journey.

The Pass-out Partier

You enjoy meeting new people, having a dance, getting merry and enjoying your friends’ company. 

People outside Dublin Pub

Bars in Dublin. Image via derekbruff, Flickr

What can Dublin offer you?

As a capital city, Dublin doesn’t disappoint when it comes to a night out on the town. Once you make your way through the resident Hen and Stag do’s, you’ll find some truly special drinking holes; the craic is a ‘plenty, the Guinness is a ‘flowing and the room is soaked in boozy smiles.

The Heroic Historian

You’d give Tony Robinson a run for his money, that’s for sure. Wherever you travel, you seek (even more) knowledge about the history of the place you find yourself. 

Historic Hospital in Dublin

The Royal Hospital, Killmainham. Image via infomatique, Flickr

What can Dublin offer you? 

Dublin is steeped in history, and for those wanting to learn more about the city’s past, it’s no exaggeration when we say there are dozens of museums here. From The National Museum of Ireland, to leprechauns, irish jigs and literature you’ll find a museum to curb your appetite for history. The mix of traditional museums combined with the more unique is what makes this a city perfect for the budding historian.

As well as this, Dublin’s a city with no shortage of historical buildings. The architecture here is quite something; alongside the impressive skyline of modern and futuristic buildings sit some truly beautiful and ancient structures. The Royal Hospital, Aldborough House, Dublin Castle, and The Bank of Ireland are great examples of historic buildings, all with incredible, historic stories.

The Inspired Innovator 

You’re the next Evan Spiegel in the making; the world just doesn’t know it yet. Ahead of the game in terms of everything tech, you bring another meaning to ‘tech enthusiast’. 

Google Head Office in Dublin

Google Head Office, Dublin. Image via mickydelfavero, Flickr

What can Dublin offer you?

Dublin is Europe’s mini Silicon Valley, so if you’re a technology enthusiast of any kind, then Dublin’s a great place to feel the buzz of futurism in action. The biggest tech companies in the world have their European headquarters in Ireland, including Twitter, Microsoft, Facebook, Linkedin and, of course, Google. And this is without mentioning the rapid up-rise in new start-up tech companies. Tour the city centre and it won’t be long until you stumble across one of these pioneering tech companies.

Tech is so profound in this city that each year, people flock to the city to attend the annual Web Summit. This event talks everything tech, is ideal for networking, and overall a great place to be for anyone interested in the development of the internet and innovative ideas.

The Family Focused  

You’re a savvy family who enjoys exploring new family friendly places, spending quality time together, exploring new places and ultimately having a good craic! 

Viking Tours Dublin Family Day Out

Viking Tours in Dublin, Image via jhallen59, Flickr

What can Dublin offer you?

If it’s family fun you’re after, Dublin is extremely family friendly. Start off by keeping everyone together and getting to grips with the city by taking a city tour. Many tour companies don’t charge for kids, making it more affordable and it a great way to get your bearings before heading off into the hustle and bustle of Ireland’s capital. It’s also a great way to travel around the city! However, if a city tour alone isn’t exciting enough for your family, Viking Splash offers both a land and water experience that puts a watery twist on the solely land-based city tours you find in every city. Whether you’re a tourist or a resident, you can’t deny the fun to be had wearing viking hats and shouting at innocent passer-bys.

Back on dry land, the world-renowned zoo, one of the oldest in the world, is a very popular attraction in Dublin, boasting a huge array of mammals, reptiles and birds.

And there’s no sweeter day out than Butlers Ultimate Chocolate Experience. The luxury chocolate factory is open to the public, with tours of the factory and also the opportunity to get involved and make some chocolately goodness for yourself.

And if that’s not enough, the nearby beaches are perfect for a family day out at the seaside. Buckets and spades at the ready…!

The Fanatic Foodie

You trust your taste buds over any other sense, living for all flavours sweet and savoury. Food is the way you socialise, celebrate and relax, and finding a good new restaurant brings you ultimate joy.

Food Market Dublin

Food Market in Dublin, Image via virtualwayfarer, flickr

What can Dublin offer you?

Dublin genuinely has an elaborate dining culture; one that any food fanatic will adore. The capital city has enough choice to extinguish picky eaters, whilst also offering a really great range of prices to suit anyone’s wallet.

It’s also the best place to explore the comforting Irish cuisine, where you can sample soda bread you’ve only dreamt of, hot pots that ooze flavour and stews your mother could never compete with. Alongside the Irish palette, there’s a whole world of other cuisine than will inspire, delight and excite the food lover.

Restaurants aside, Dublin and the surrounding areas are also famous for its variety of wholesome Food Markets. These are open regularly, and passers by can sample all kinds of cuisines, including vibrant Mediterranean, comforting Irish along with spectacular sweet treats.

Take a look at some of the well-known markets below, and make sure you don’t miss them!

 The Music Maniac

In no way a music snob, it’s the atmosphere you love. Live music is your heart song, and as long as the air’s electric, then you enjoy music of all genres.

Bord Gais Energy Theatre Dublin

The Bord Gais Energy Theatre, Image via melfoody, Flickr

What can Dublin offer you?

Firstly, this is a capital city, so before you even get into the nooks and crannies of the Irish music scene, you already have big names playing concerts in Dublin’s large venues. Well-known acts play anywhere from the 02 arena to the Bord Gáis Energy Theatre, and it’s for this reason hat Dublin is nearly always on the tour route.

But there’s also a thriving, flourishing pub scene, where local acts deliver sensational, more intimate performances. Traditional music is very much loved in Dublin, meaning that the chances of stumbling into a dark room with jivey music blaring out are high.

Solicitors In Dublin

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