Commercial Insurance Arbitration

Our experienced team can help you with commercial  insurance arbitration to achieve the best possible result.

Commercial insurance arbitration

If you’ve made a business insurance claim but your insurance company is refusing to pay, our experienced commercial insurance arbitration team can help you get back the money you’re owed.

Insurance policies are a lifeline in business, so when claims are refused, it can severely affect your company.

Damage to things like commercial property, vehicles or machinery can dramatically impact your company’s productivity at the best of times. However, without a payout from your insurance company, finding the extra funds to pay for urgent repairs or replacements can leave your business financially vulnerable.

Insurance arbitration can help you get back the money you’re owed from your insurance companies. As an alternative to a lawsuit, it’s often faster and more cost effective when it comes to disputing a denied insurance claim.

It works like this: an arbitrator will hear evidence from both parties involved in the insurance dispute. They then make a decision about who should receive compensation and how much they should receive.


Insurance arbitration lawyer

Choosing one of our highly experienced insurance arbitration lawyers will increase your chances of a decision falling in your favour. We’ll work to create a strong argument on your business’ behalf, doing everything in our power to get you the compensation you deserve.

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Commercial Litigation, Disputes & Mediation include the following:

Insurance Arbitration

If you’ve made a business insurance claim but your insurance company is refusing to pay, our experienced insurance arbitration team can help you get back the money you’re owed.

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Business Contract Disputes

When business contract disputes arise in business, it is crucial to get them resolved as quickly as possible. 

However, resolving contract disputes can be expensive and stressful without the proper assistance.

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Debt Recovery

At Gibson & Associates LLP, we understand how unpaid debts can severely impact your business. From affecting cash flow to potentially preventing you from paying your staff or creditors, it is a serious issue.

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Health & Safety Legislation

Meeting the health and safety regulations of a workplace is a crucial yet complicated task for businesses.

At Gibson & Associates LLP, our highly experienced health and safety lawyers can take away the stress and hassle that comes with this complicated area of law – leaving you to get on with what you do best.

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Shareholder Disputes

Disputes between business shareholders and directors can happen for many reasons. From conflicting ideas on how best to run the company to financial concerns and non-authorised release of dividends, these types of disputes can be challenging to resolve. However, if they’re not dealt with in the right way, they can negatively impact your business.

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Construction Disputes

When working on commercial property or commercial construction projects, one small error can have a ripple effect, often leading to delayed completions and extra costs.

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What our clients say

How we do things

Step 1 – We meet with you and obtain your instructions

This enables us to understand the nature of the litigation or dispute and a possible solution.

Step 2 – We will request more copy documentation from you where relevant

This allows us to advise you in respect of the strengths and weaknesses of pursuing the dispute through the courts.

Step 3 – We issue a letter of advices

Once we have full instructions and copy documentation we are in a position to provide advice which outlines the legal route map open to you.

Step 4 – We seek to resolve the matter without recourse to the courts if possible

Helping to keep timelines and costs as low as possible.

Step 5 – If necessary we will pursue litigation on your behalf

We will advise you in respect of each aspect of the litigation with a view to achieving a resolution for you as quickly as possible.