Join Family Visa, Partner or Spouse

Join Family Visa Ireland. If you wish to apply for a visa as a family member of an EU citizen exercising or planning to exercise their free movement rights under Directive 2004/38/EC (transposed into Irish law by European Communities (Free movement of Persons)

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Join Family Visa Ireland

If you wish to come to Ireland to reside for longer than 3 months with a family member who is an Irish/EU citizen or who is lawfully resident in Ireland you can apply for a long stay join family visa Ireland.

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Situations that we can help with…

Your spouse, partner or family member is an Irish (or Northern Ireland) Citizen

  • If you are a non-EU citizen we can help you stay in Ireland with your spouse or civil partner.
  • We can help you stay in Ireland with your child, an Irish national, including renewing permission.
  • De facto partnership: Stay in Ireland with your long term, de facto partner.

Your spouse, partner or family member is non-Irish, non-Swiss & non-EU/EEA citizen

  • EU treaty rights: EU treaties include rights for families with non-EU/EEA & non-Swiss nationals to travel and live together in an EU country.

Your spouse, partner or a family member is an EU/EA Citizen (Non-Irish)

  • Non-EEA family reunification policy: We can help you apply for a visa to allow you to stay in Ireland with a member of your family who is a non-EU/EEA & non-Swiss national.
  • Refugee family reunification: Stay in Ireland with a member of your family who is a recognised refugee.

You are a Non-EU/EEA Family Member of a UK national who lives in Ireland

Stamp 4D permission for a Non-EEA family member or dependent of a British National to reside in Ireland. Open to your

  • Spouse
  • Civil Partner
  • De facto Partner
  • Either partner’s dependent children
  • Dependent parents of either partner of the British National living in Ireland.

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