Property & Construction Disputes

Property & construction disputes. Are experience team are here to achieve the best possible result.

Property & Construction Solicitors

When working on property or construction projects, one small error can have a ripple effect, often leading to delayed completions and extra costs.

When construction disputes  occur, our experienced solicitors can help you defend or make a dispute claim. This safeguards the success of your property or construction project.

At Gibson & Associates LLP, we understand how challenging and time sensitive property projects are. That’s why we’ve made sure our dispute service takes care of everything for you, giving you the peace of mind you need when making or defending construction or property disputes.

Construction Disputes

With a breadth of experience working with property and construction projects, our team can help you resolve all major types of construction disputes, including:

  • Extensions of time
  • Prolongation costs
  • Disruption costs
  • Acceleration costs
  • Changes in scope of work
  • Differing site conditions
  • Sub-standard construction work

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Insurance Arbitration

If you’ve made a home insurance claim for property damage but your insurance company is refusing to pay, our team can help you get back the money you’re owed. We do this through a process called insurance arbitration.

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Debt recovery

At Gibson & Associates, we understand how unpaid debts can severely impact your business. From affecting cash flow to potentially preventing you from paying your staff or creditors, it is a serious issue.

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Property & Construction Disputes

When working on commercial property or commercial construction projects, one small error can have a ripple effect, often leading to delayed completions and extra costs.

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Probate Litigation

People choose to challenge Wills, Trusts or Estates for several reasons. Usually, it is because of concerns about the Will’s validity or fears that the executor has acted negligently or fraudulently. It can also occur when someone hasn’t been named as a beneficiary or if someone feels they’ve not been provided for adequately.

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Mediation & Dispute Resolution

Legal disputes are common and arise for all sorts of reasons. Unfortunately, resolving these disputes can be expensive and stressful without the proper assistance. At Gibson & Associates, we understand how important it is that every case has its own unique strategy.

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Our litigation team is here to help you no matter where in Ireland you’re based.

With offices in Dublin and Letterkenny, and associates around the country, we’re perfectly positioned to help you whether you live in Dublin, Galway, Cork or Donegal or anywhere in between.

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What our clients say

How we do things

Step 1 – We meet with you and obtain your instructions

This enables us to understand the nature of the litigation or dispute and a possible solution.

Step 2 – We request more copy documentation from you where relevant

This allows us to advise you in respect of the strengths and weaknesses of pursuing the dispute through the courts.

Step 3 – We issue a letter of advices

Once we have full instructions and copy documentation we are in a position to provide advices which outline the legal route map open to you.

Step 4 – We seek to resolve the matter without recourse to the Courts if possible

Step 5 – If necessary we will pursue litigation on your behalf

We will advise you in respect of each aspect of the litigation with a view to achieving a resolution for you as quickly as possible.