GDPR and Acknowledgements

GDPR and acknowledgment, Employment law in Ireland is broad and complex legal area.

What to do if you believe that your data has been breached

In cases where these is a suspected breach of GDPR, the burden of proof is with the individual whose data has been breached. This may sound like a mountain, however if your data has been breached, the law is there to help.

The regulations requires any company suffering a breach to follow a protocol. Often that will mean that the breach must be reported to the Office of the Data Protection Commission.

It may also be required that the company issue a statement to any individual whose data might be affected.

In those cases, the data subject (the individual) will have received a letter or email from the company/department which lets them know a breach has occurred and that their data is likely to have been breached.

If you believe that your data has been breached, but you have not received any acknowledgement from the company or department in question, then the best first step is to make a complaint or raise your concern directly with the Office of the Data Protection Commission.

This is likely to provide you with the best route to any remedy and will also help to keep costs lower for you.


I want to have a consultation with a solicitor

If you don’t have an acknowledgement and you want to speak with a solicitor to get advice on your GDPR concerns, we are here to help.

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