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At Gibson & Associates LLP, our birth injury solicitors know the impact birth injuries can have on both infants and their families. Birth injuries, which occur during pregnancy or childbirth, can result in long-term physical and emotional challenges. Our birth injury solicitors offer compassionate legal support to families affected by birth injuries, and advice about a range of options.

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Welcoming a new life into the world is normally a joyous occasion filled with hope and anticipation. However, when complications arise during pregnancy or childbirth, the experience can quickly turn into one of profound worry and uncertainty. At Gibson & Associates LLP, we understand the emotional challenges that families face when confronted with the unexpected reality of a birth injury.

We trust our healthcare providers implicitly to safeguard the well-being of both mother and child, and are often blindsided when things go wrong. Yet, the reality is that birth injuries can and do occur, leaving a lasting impact on the lives of those involved. From cerebral palsy to brachial plexus injuries, these conditions can significantly alter the trajectory of a family’s future and affect their quality of life.

Gibson & Associates LLP is dedicated to providing compassionate support and expert legal guidance to families navigating this difficult journey. We understand that every case is unique and approach each one with the sensitivity and compassion it deserves.

Our team works tirelessly to investigate the circumstances surrounding the birth injury, gathering evidence and building a robust case to ensure the best possible outcome for our clients. We prioritise open communication, will listen attentively to your concerns and advocating passionately on your behalf.

Our birth injury solicitors are committed to helping families affected by birth injuries find the answers, support, and compensation they seek. If you believe that you or your child has suffered a birth injury due to medical negligence or malpractice, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Together, we can navigate this challenging journey and work towards securing a brighter future for you and your family.

What is a birth injury?

Birth injuries can occur during pregnancy or childbirth. While some birth injuries may be temporary and resolve with time, others can have long-lasting or permanent effects on the health and well-being of the infant and the family. Every birth is unique, and multiple factors may interact to cause complications.

Some of the causes of birth injuries include:

Medical errors: Mistakes made by healthcare providers during prenatal care, labour, or delivery can lead to birth injuries. Examples include misinterpretation of test results, failure to perform necessary tests or examinations, prescribing incorrect medication, or improper use of delivery instruments.

Trauma during birth: Physical trauma to the baby during delivery, such as excessive force applied to the baby’s head or body, can cause injuries like brachial plexus injuries or fractures.

Oxygen deprivation: Lack of oxygen to the baby’s brain during labour or delivery, known as birth asphyxia, can lead to brain damage and conditions like cerebral palsy.

Umbilical cord complications: Issues with the umbilical cord, such as umbilical cord prolapse or compression, can restrict oxygen flow to the baby and cause complications.

Premature birth: Babies born prematurely are at higher risk of birth injuries due to their underdeveloped organs and fragile condition.

Abnormal presentation: Babies in breech or other abnormal positions during birth may face increased risk of birth injuries due to difficulty in delivery.

Large birth weight: Babies with a higher-than-average birth weight may have difficulty passing through the birth canal, increasing the risk of injury during delivery.

Prolonged labour: Prolonged labour can put stress on both the baby and the mother, increasing the likelihood of birth injuries.

If you suspect that you or your child has suffered a birth injury, you should seek legal advice as soon as possible, as a time limit applies to claims for financial compensation for personal injury cases.

Our dedicated Birth Injuries Team is committed to helping you navigate through this difficult time and seek the justice and compensation your family deserves. We have extensive experience handling birth injury cases and understand the complexities involved in these situations. Reach out to our caring birth injury solicitors to find out more.

Common birth injuries

If healthcare providers don’t provide the proper care and attention required by mothers and their babies, mistakes can be made and lead to a birth injury. Common causes of birth injuries include:

• Internal organ damage during a C-section
• Missed third and fourth-degree perineal tears
• Pre-eclampsia
• Placental abruption
• Improperly repaired episiotomies

These complications in pregnancy and childbirth can lead to a range of difficult birth injuries that can have a lasting effect on the mother and baby.

These include:


  1. Cerebral Palsy: Cerebral Palsy is a neurological disorder that affects muscle control, movement, and coordination. It is caused by abnormal brain development or damage to the developing brain, often occurring before, during, or shortly after birth. Cerebral Palsy can result in difficulties with motor skills, speech, and cognitive function, and its severity can vary widely among individuals.
  2. Brachial Plexus Injuries: Brachial Plexus Injuries involve damage to the network of nerves that control movement and sensation in the arms and hands. These injuries can occur during childbirth when excessive force is applied to the baby’s shoulder or neck, leading to stretching or tearing of the brachial plexus nerves. As a result, affected infants may experience weakness, numbness, or paralysis in the affected arm.
  3. Brain Bleeds: Brain Bleeds, also known as intracranial haemorrhages, occur when blood vessels in the brain rupture, leading to bleeding within the skull. These bleeds can occur before, during, or after birth and may result from trauma, oxygen deprivation, or underlying medical conditions. Brain bleeds can cause a range of symptoms, including seizures, lethargy, and developmental delays, depending on their severity and location.
  4. Erb’s Palsy: Erb’s Palsy is a type of brachial plexus injury that specifically affects the upper nerves of the brachial plexus, leading to weakness or paralysis in the shoulder, arm, and hand. This condition typically occurs during difficult or prolonged childbirth, when excessive force is applied to the baby’s head or neck during delivery. Erb’s Palsy can result in impaired movement and function of the affected limb.
  5. Hip Dysplasia: Hip Dysplasia refers to abnormal development or formation of the hip joint, which can lead to instability, dislocation, or misalignment of the hip bones. While hip dysplasia can be present at birth, it may also develop during infancy or early childhood. If left untreated, hip dysplasia can cause chronic pain, limping, and difficulty walking later in life.

In addition, mothers may experience complications such as postnatal depression, postpartum haemorrhaging, uterine ruptures, infections or vaginal tears due to medical negligence during childbirth.

Making a claim for financial compensation

We understand that making a claim for compensation can feel overwhelming. That’s why our birth injury solicitors will take the time to explain your legal options. Financial compensation can help with the costs of treatment and rehabilitation after a birth injury, and depending on the severity of the injury, can contribute to the costs of ongoing care to relieve the financial pressure of medical treatment.

If you decide to make a birth injury claim, it is important you choose to work with a birth injury solicitor that will listen to you and support you every step of the way. We understand the details of a birth injury can be upsetting and will work to make the process as easy and straightforward as possible.

If you or your child has suffered a birth injury due to medical negligence, don’t hesitate to reach out to us for guidance. We are here to help you navigate the legal process and advocate for the compensation you deserve.

Our birth injury solicitors will provide compassionate and thoughtful legal support wherever you are in Ireland.

We understand how difficult coping with a birth injury can be, and are dedicated to relieving the stress associated with making a claim for compensation for a birth injury. For a confidential discussion about your situation, please reach out to our team on 01 264 5555.

How we support your birth injury claim

Am I eligible to make a claim?

Medical malpractice is the term used to describe the result of medical negligence. If you think a birth injury was the result of medical malpractice, whether as a result of an injury or a previous condition that has been made worse, you could be eligible to make a claim for financial compensation.

As a general rule, to establish the validity of a claim, the injury or illness must have been ‘avoidable’ if adequate medical care had been given.

For a medical negligence claim to be eligible, the following circumstances must apply:

• The existence of doctor-patient relationship
• Proof that the medical professional was negligent during practice

To prove you had a doctor-patient relationship at the time of your injury, your solicitor will build a case using your medical records, prescriptions and invoices or records of your appointments with the negligent doctor.

Your solicitor will also hire an independent, third-party medical expert to analyse your case, medical records, and the doctor’s actions to decide whether the injury was ‘more likely than not’ caused by the doctor’s negligence. The medical expert will also determine whether you received sub-standard medical care, and whether your injury or illness could have been avoided if the correct procedure had been carried out.

Our solicitors are specialists in medical negligence and can offer in-depth insight to help determine whether you are eligible to make a claim for medical negligence. Please call our team for a confidential discussion so that we can learn more about your case.

Reach out to our caring birth injury solicitors to find out more.

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We understand that dealing with the aftermath of a birth injury can be overwhelming and emotionally challenging for families.

If you believe that you or your child has suffered a birth injury due to medical negligence or malpractice, we’re here to offer you the expert legal guidance you need.
By reaching out to our team, you can rest assured that you’ll receive personalised attention and advocacy tailored to your unique circumstances.

Our goal is to help you achieve the best possible outcome for your situation, such as securing financial compensation to cover medical expenses, ongoing care, and other related costs. We’ll work tirelessly to investigate the cause of the birth injury, gather evidence, and build a strong case on your behalf.

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