No Win No Fee Explained

Solicitors that operate on a No Win No Fee basis pay for court stamp duty, expert fees, and any other legal costs that might be associated with your case.

The agreement ensures that solicitors offering their legal services will not charge if the case is unsuccessful. No Win No Fee cases mean you do not pay any legal fees if you do not win, and if you win your case in court or settle it outside of court, then you will have to pay legal fees.

Be sure that you understand the No Win No Fee arrangement before proceeding with your case.

No win no fee explained

What is the purpose of Agreement?

The purpose of a No Win No Fee agreement is to give you legal power to pursue your case for claim or to defend yourself against a claim regardless of your legal experience or financial standing.

In legal services both ‘No Win No Fee’ and ‘No foal no fee’ are quite well known agreements between a solicitor and their client..

Under No Win No Fee agreement the solicitors will take up the cases like road traffic accidents, workplace accidents, accidents in a public place, litigation, contentious probate, disputes etc.


Is it legal to engage with a No Win No Fee Solicitor?

It is perfectly legal to enter into a No Win No Fee agreement with a Solicitor. And most solicitors in Ireland do operate using this arrangement.

Conditions of the Agreement

The conditions of the agreement of No Win No Fee will vary depending on your solicitor, which is why it is of utmost importance that you discuss all aspects of your case with your solicitor before proceeding forward with this arrangement.

In some cases if the resolution is unsuccessful a No Win No Fee agreement of some solicitors may demand that you still have to pay some outlay fees like court stamp duty, medical fee etc. Furthermore, in unsuccessful cases you may also be liable to pay legal fees of the other side.

Why Is a No Win No Fee Solicitor’s Agreement Important?

To proceed with No Win No Fee arrangement it is better to arrange an appointment with your solicitor to iron out the details of your case before proceeding with your claim.

Solicitors will have to go through your case first, as the legal fees under No Win No Fee agreement varies case to case, to get an estimate on what it will cost to pursue your case.

Since the solicitor is only paid if the case reaches a successful resolution.

FAQ's for no win no fee solicitors

How much does "no win no fee" cost?
Depending on the complexity of your case and once your case has been fully examined by your solicitor only then your solicitor can give you an estimate on how much it will cost to proceed with your case.
Is there a " no win no fee" solicitor near me operating on such agreements?
Solicitors following the rules can enter into a no win no fee agreement with clients, however the rules prohibits solicitors from advertising no win no fee services under strict guidelines by Irish law society.
Regulations for "no win no fee" solicitors
Solicitors advertising regulations governing body of all Irish solicitors is Law Society of Ireland, that outlines strict rules on how to advertise legal services for all practicing solicitors in Ireland.

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