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Mortgage Solicitors

A mortgage is one of the biggest financial undertakings you’re likely to take in your lifetime, and you understandably want the best deal available. We all want to enjoy our new home without the stress and burden of struggling with mortgage repayments. Our trusted mortgage solicitors can provide you with expert support that gives you confidence in your mortgage agreement and your future.
* If you do find yourself struggling to pay your mortgage, you should act quickly to stop yourself from falling into debt.

Our mortgage solicitors can help you with:

Mortgage Switching

Switching your mortgage lender may be a viable option for some homeowners and has the potential to save them thousands over the lifetime of their loan. Check out this guide for help to calculate mortgage rates. When you’re ready to switch mortgage providers, we can manage the conveyancing for you.

Mortgage Litigation

Have you paid too much on your mortgage loan? Get advice from our property solicitors to find out more about your options. Call us now on +353 1 264 5555.

Our property team is here to help you no matter where you are in Ireland.

Our team of property solicitors and consultants is here to support you with all aspects of your property transaction, whether you’re buying, selling, transferring ownership, or investing. If you are ready to proceed with your property transaction, get in touch with a member of our property team now.
Give us a call on+353 1 264 5555.

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What our clients say

We can help you with a range of property transactions:


Our conveyancing service provides the peace-of-mind you need when buying or selling a property. Our team has a strong track record for successfully closing property deals quickly and efficiently right across Ireland.

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Buying a Property

Whether you’re a first-time residential buyer or moving up the property ladder, our conveyancing service lets you buy property quickly, safely and hassle-free.

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Selling a Property

If you’re selling a property, you can have confidence that our conveyancing service will take care of every last detail, providing you with an efficient transaction and minimum of fuss.

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Voluntary Transfer of Property

Are you planning to transfer ownership of a property to help an older relative, support children financially or keep assets in the family? You can rely on our property team to take care of your property transfer.

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Change of Ownership

If you need to change, add or remove a person from your property’s title, or transfer it to a different person completely, our property team can help.

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Mortgage Solicitors

A mortgage is likely one of the biggest financial undertakings you will take in your life. Our mortgage solicitors take care of the legal aspects of your new mortgage or if you are switching a mortgage.

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Buying a property: how we work

1. We receive a Sales Advice Note from the estate agent

This sets out all the details of the transaction to include the buyer, seller, the property, the price and the solicitors involved.

2. We receive the contracts from the seller’s solicitor

We review the property contract before scanning it in and emailing it to you.

3. We arrange a meeting or telephone consultation with you

During the meeting we will go through the contract to make sure it reflects what you agreed. It also allows us to get a better understanding of the property you are buying.

4. Raise pre-contract enquiries

Once we have discussed the contract with you, we liaise with the seller’s solicitor to agree upon the sale’s closing date, and request any other documents, such as property titles, planning permissions and property tax documents to make sure the property tax is paid up-to-date.

5. Face-to-face meeting to sign contracts and loan documents

When the details of your purchase have been agreed and finalised, we will meet with you again to sign the contract, and if relevant, the loan documents. These are then sent to the seller’s solicitor to allow a binding agreement to be entered into.

6. Drawdown your loan funds and closing

We request your loan funds, send them to the seller’s solicitor and review the documents that transfer ownership of the property to you. We also request searches to ensure the seller has the right to sell the property, and that there are no debts registered against the property. Once this part of the process is completed, you’ll receive the keys to your new home!

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