Work Injury Claims Solicitors

Work Injury Claims Solicitors Ireland. Don’t settle for less – talk to us about securing the best outcome for your personal injury* or work injury claims.

Work Injury Claims Solicitors

Don’t settle for less – talk to us about securing the best outcome for your personal injury* or work injury claims.

Whether you work in a factory or an office, a construction site or a shop, if your employer has put you in harms way, and you’ve been injured, you have a right to make a claim*.

Your employer has a duty of care to keep you safe from harm and should be following strict health and safety regulations. At Gibson & Associates LLP, we understand that when employers fail to do this, both your physical and emotional well-being is at stake.

At Gibson & Associates LLP, we have a team of solicitors who are highly experienced in workplace accident cases. Each of our solicitors understands the impact a workplace injury may have on your life and will work tirelessly to make sure you receive the outcome you deserve for work injury claims.

From a caring and listening ear when you first speak with us, to compiling the paperwork right through to representing you in court, our team will be with you every step of the way.

Claims for Workplace Injury – Ireland

Failing to provide you with a safe place of work is a crime and your employer should be held accountable for your injuries. A successful claim* will provide you with financial relief, but also the recognition from your employer that their negligence has let you down.

For a guide on entitlements during sick leave due to a work injury, visit Citizens Information.

We’re here to help you – your work injury lawyer will go above and beyond to ensure you get the outcome you deserve. Get in touch with our team today.

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Our work injury claims solicitors are here to help you no matter where in Ireland you’re based.

With offices in Dublin and Letterkenny, and associates around the country, we’re perfectly positioned to help you whether you live in Dublin, Galway, Cork or Donegal or anywhere in between.

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What our clients say

How we do things

Step 1. Meeting To Discuss Your Case

To get a better understanding of your case and the injuries you’ve suffered, we’ll organise a consultation with you and the personal injury solicitor best suited to your needs. We can do this over the phone, at our offices or even by video call. We will explain terms such as ‘no win no fee’ and how an injury claim works.

Step 2. Arrange the medical report

Once we’ve assessed your case, we’ll send for your medical reports to be collected from a medical professional.

Step 3. Present the case to the Injury Board

Our highly experienced personal injury* solicitors will put together a detailed and strategic case designed to get you the claim you deserve. We’ll then present this case to the Injury Board.

Step 4. The Injury Board assesses your case

After we’ve presented your case, the Injury Board will assess how much of a *claim you’re likely to win.

Step 5. Decide to accept or reject the offer

As soon as you receive an offer from the injury board, our solicitors will give an honest assessment into how fair they think it is. This will help you decide whether or not to accept it.

Step 6. You receive your *Claim / Go to court

If you choose to accept the offer, an “order to pay” will be sent to the other party and you’ll receive your *claim. If you choose not to accept the offer, our personal injury* team will prepare your case for court.