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On Friday, the 26th February, Nikki Bradley and a group of fellow adventurers from Donegal will travel to Iceland for the adventure of a lifetime – to scale a glacier.

Nikki was diagnosed with Ewing’s Sarcoma when she was 16, a rare disease in which cancer cells are found in the bone or soft tissue. After undergoing two hip replacements, chemotherapy and radiotherapy, and learning she would need crutches permanently, Nikki decided not to fall apart, but to take her life back.

In 2013, she set up her awareness campaign, ‘Fighting Fit For Ewings’ (FFFE), which focuses on fitness and completing physical challenges. Its purpose is to highlight how important exercise is for rehabilitation, challenge society’s view on what can be achieved regardless of physical ability, whilst also inspiring people in similar situations to tackle pain and immobility head on. Since launching FFFE, Nikki’s successfully climbed Muckish Mountain, she’s become the first woman to abseil off Fanad Head Lighthouse and she’s competed in and trained for multiple races.

Her latest challenge is something most people wouldn’t dare dream of attempting – let alone on crutches! Before even crossing the glacier ice, Nikki and her team will have to cross rivers, navigate through lava fields, and make the long trek to the entrance of the glacier. The journey in its entirety is expected to take 5 days to complete, during which time they’ll be exposed to extreme weather conditions, freezing temperatures and be pushed to their physical limits!

The talented group accompanying Nikki on her expedition include Paul Doherty, a professional cameraman, Denis Ferry and Les’ODonnel, both expert drivers and trained mechanics, and Ian Parke, a rope expert.

Gibson and Associates are proud to sponsor Nikki and the cause she is fighting for. We wish her and her team the best of luck on their adventure. If you would like to learn more about Nikki and ‘Fighting Fit For Ewings’ you can visit her Facebook page here and her website here.

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