British Airway plane

Did you travel from Dublin to London 2 years ago?

It is Alleged that the common Airway provider British Airways have been fined €22 million for a data breach which is seen to have an affect on 400,000 customers. The Breach took place in 2018 yet the affects are still very visible. The breach affected both Personal and Credit card data.

The incident took place when BA was made aware of it by a security researcher and then ultimately notified the ICO. The ICO said “its investigators found BA should have identified weaknesses in its security which would have prevented the data breach”, therefore resulting in the largest data breach fine given by the ICO. This shows the severity of the data breach to the Irish Population.

The data stolen included log in, payment card, travel booking details as well as name and address information.

In more recent times, the government gives tools to encourage businesses to make better decisions about individuals data and up to date investigation is needed to insure this doesn’t happen again. It is evident that when organizations take poor decisions around personal data, it has a strong impact on Irish people’s lives.

BA said in a recent statement that “We are pleased the ICO recognizes that we have made considerable improvements to? The security of our systems since the attack and that we fully co-operated with its investigation”.

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