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International Caesarean Awareness Month

International Caesarean Awareness Month Caesarean Awareness Month is a campaign that aims to improve maternal-child health by providing education and support for women who have experienced a caesarean section. Running internationally every…
Gibson & Associates- Injury During Child Birth | Medical Negligence Claims

Injury During Child Birth | Medical Negligence

Injury During Child Birth  If a mother or baby sustains an injury during child birth, and this injury has been caused or exacerbated by substandard medical care, there could be grounds for a claim. Medical negligence claims are a complex area…
work place accident /personal injury / claims

What Are the Top 5 Work accidents Claims*?

What Are the Top 5 Work accidents Claims? Workplace accidents happen for all kinds of reasons. Many of these lead to a successful personal injury claim, in which the injured person is provided Reimbursement  for their pain, suffering and financial…
Irish Mirror
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Gibson & Associates Feature in the Irish Mirror

Irish mothers being left out of decisions during labour and giving birth More than 44% of mums said they were not involved in important decisions relating to the birth of their most recent child. Mothers are being left out of key decisions…
Birth Experience Survey Results

Birth Experiences Survey Results

Giving birth is a life-changing experience, which can affect the mother and child physically and emotionally. It is important that expectant mothers receive excellent care from their medical team to avoid mistakes that can have a devastating…