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Do I need a solicitor to buy or sell a property?

It isn’t a legal requirement to use a solicitor to purchase or sell a property in Ireland, but you will need a solicitor if you are taking out a mortgage to make a purchase. A solicitor provides in-depth knowledge about conveyancing requirements and how to deal any issues that might arise.

A property solicitor will review the legal documents associated with your transaction, such as the contract for sale, title deeds, planning permission, and building regulations, to ensure they are accurate, legally binding, and that your interests are protected.

How we work?


We received a Sales Advice Note from the estate agent

This document details the transaction and includes information about the buyer, seller, property, price and solicitors involved.


We received the contract from the seller’s solicitor

We review the property contract before scanning it in and emailing it to you.


We arrange a meeting or telephone consultation with you

During the meeting, we will go through the contract with you to make sure it reflects what you agreed to. It also allows us to get a better understanding of the property you are buying.


Raise pre-contract enquiries

Once we have discussed the contract with you, we liaise with the seller’s solicitor to agree upon the sale’s closing date, as well as requesting any other documents, such as property titles, planning permissions, and property tax documents, to make sure the property tax is paid up-to-date.


Face-to-face meeting to sign contracts and loan documents

When the details of your purchase have been agreed upon and finalised, we will meet with you again to sign the contract and if relevant, the loan documents. These are then sent to the seller’s solicitor to allow a binding agreement to be entered into.


Draw down your loan funds and close

We request your loan funds, send them to the seller’s solicitor, and review the documents that transfer ownership of the property to you. We also request searches to ensure that the seller has the right to sell the property and that there have been no debts registered against it. Once this has been done, you can get the keys to your new home!

What our client say?

Gibson & Associates helped with a purchase of my house. They were extremely thorough, knowledgeable and helpful in this lengthy and convoluted process. I appreciate the responsiveness and attention, it helped tremendously with the stress involved in dealing with multiple parties and moving timelines. I cannot thank them enough and wholeheartedly recommend!

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