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If you’re aspiring to work in Ireland and belong to the category of non-EEA/Non-Swiss nationals, it is essential to possess a valid work permit or appropriate permission for employment.

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– Apply for a work permit

– Work permit renewal application

– Appeal against refusal



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Types of Employment Permits

General Employment Permit
A general employment permit allows non-EU citizens the right to work legally in Ireland. It covers a broad range of occupations, making it suitable for most applicants. Applicants must secure an offer of employment before applying for a general employment visa, and permits that last for up to two years.

Critical Skills Employment Permit
A critical skills permit is for a highly skilled individual who is applying for a job on the critical skills occupation list. Applicants applying for any occupation on the critical skills occupation list must receive an annual salary of more than €38,000, while occupations that are not on the list must have an average salary of over €64,000.

Intra-company Transfer Employment Permit
The intra-company transfer employment permit allows non-EU management to come and work in the Irish branch of multinational companies.

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